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SDG 16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Charlotte Eykerman & Nanor Pontigian Opinion Editor & Science and Tech Editor, The Pawprint

One of the UN’s most important sustainable goals is peace, justice and strong institutions. Its goal is to promote inclusive societies and provide the option of justice for all institutions. The reason this goal has become important is that people need to be free of all forms of violence and feel safe no matter their gender, ethnicity, faith or sexual orientation.

To achieve this goal, it’s important that all governments, society and communities work together to create lasting solutions to be able to reduce violence and deliver justice. This ensures that everyone has the right to express their views publicly or privately. This also applies to any discrimination towards implementation of the law. 

This is currently an essential goal for the sake of human society, not taking action right now, and working towards this goal would simply result in more violent crimes. This would also reduce people’s basic human rights, as well as increase feelings of unsafety. 

Many institutions should now be held responsible, if they fail to follow these laws, and be prone to abuse of power, this could result in a great decrease in their simple capability to deliver public services. Discrimination doesn’t seem to only go against basic human rights but it results in resentment and animosity, and becomes a major cause for the rise of violence.

Currently around the world men make up 80% of homicide victims. While women and girls are known to be 70% of the victims for human trafficking. The reason mostly being for sexual exploitation.

A big struggle in the US for Sub-Saharan Africans is birth registration. Less than half of their children still do not have a legal birth registration. This becomes a huge representation of discrimination towards Africans since around 73% of other children under the age of 5 have gained their birth registration.

There seems to be specific hate spreads towards journalists and bloggers just for the sake of having expressed their personal thoughts and opinions on certain controversial topics. Between January and October 2018, there were around 400 killings of human right defenders, journalists and trade unionists.

The 16th sustainable development goal, seems to be focused significantly on reducing all forms of violence and any related death rates everywhere. They want to end any abuse, exploitation and trafficking that might occur as well as any other form of violence against children. An essential step, would be to ensure access to justice to everyone equally. 

By the end of this 10 year plan, they expect a significant reduction of illicit financial and arm flows, as well strengthening recovery and return of stolen assets. This can only be achieved if they are able to successfully reduce corruption and bribery in all forms within society.  

For the United Nations, taking down all types of corruption is only the first step, they also want to focus on beginning and developing new and more effective institutions, while ensuring full accountability and transparency. At all costs, they expect to guarantee  inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making for anything related to the community and society. They also plan to reach out to developing countries to help broaden and strengthen their participation in the institutions for global governance. 

By 2030, there should be no legal identity provided for all citizens, this includes birth registration. This also means providing public access to information and protecting freedom, with respect to national legislation and international agreements. To prevent violence and come terrorism as well as other forms of crime, they plan on strengthening national institutions, through international relations at all levels, specifically for developing countries, Lastly, they hope to enforce non discriminatory laws and policies for the sustainable development of the community. 

As an active part of your community, it is important to take an interest in what your government is doing, and to raise awareness in your own community about the reality of violence and the necessity of peace and justice in society. 

You can also begin to work towards holding your elected officials to account, and holding them accountable for the decision they make for you and your community. Try your best to express your freedom of information and share your opinions and ideas  with any elected representatives. 

As a human being make sure to be inclusive towards other people, even if they come from different backgrounds, ethnic origins, religions, genders, sexual orientations or even different opinions. 

This can help improve simple life conditions for everyone.

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