DAA Daily

A cleaner in Dubai steals watches worth 8.3 million and sells them for cheap

Yousef Alshaibani Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The cleaner has gone to a first trial in Dubai court after he allegedly stole 86 expensive watches worth over 8.3 million dhs.

The 26-year-old cleaner is accused of stealing the valuables from a watch and jewellery shop where he worked.

Two Pakistani men (cousins), aged 44 and 25, both fugitives, are on trial in absentia for possession of the stolen watches. 

When the worker was confronted by his employers, he confessed he had stolen two watches worth Dh250,000 and Dh270,000, respectively. He sold each of them to a Pakistani man for Dh10,000. He claimed he was not yet paid for the second watch and that he used to meet his client after work at a nearby café. The cleaner reportedly told the owner that the other man used him to purchase watches for a very cheap price. 

During the public prosecution investigation, the defendant admitted he stole the watches and then sold them to his two accomplices who knew they were stolen. 

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