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The Alta “Ghost Ship” Washes Ashore

Frederique Beck Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

On the coast of the County Cork, Ireland, a Cargo ship, the Alta, washed ashore after Storm Dennis. The Cargo ship had been abandoned for two years, sailing the Atlantic for nearly two years by itself, it’s ten crew members having been rescued in 2018. 

The Alta, built in 1976, was last spotted in 2019 by a British Royal Navy ship in september where after it was forgotten about until it washed to shore. Washing ashore after 18 months at sea without anyone on board. 

The crew was rescued as a hurricane was approaching, not being able to avaide it due to a power outage. The boat could not be spotted after that and for some time it was thought the ship sank, only having been spotted once.

The owner of the ship is unknown and nobody has stepped forwards claiming the Alta. Though, the authorities may have to get involved if the owner is not found soon because the ship has been deemed a danger to shipping. 

Luckily there are no visible pollution leakage but it will have to be removed before the wreckage begins to affect the environment.

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