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Samsung Launches new Galaxy S20

Charlotte Eyerman & Nanor Pontigian Opinion Editor and Science & Tech Editor, The Pawprint

On Tuesday (February 11) Samsung launched a new phone, the Galaxy S20 at Samsung’s Galaxy unpacked event. These phones have 5G technology with the capability of zooming 100 times into a picture without losing sharpness. 

Samsung is hoping that their fast screens and new features will be just enough to beat Apple and Huawei’s latest offerings.

This new phone has a 6.2 inch screen and a triple camera on the back. The other size, the Galaxy S20+ has a bigger size of 6.7 inches as well as a quad camera. Both phones have an optical zoom of 3x, referring to the amount of zoom in you can achieve and ensuring a good quality photo (before the picture is taken). The phones also have a 30x digital zoom with little distortion (after the picture has been taken). 

The third size, the super size, also known as Galaxy S20 Ultra, has a 6.9 inch screen and a quad camera like the S20+, but its unique features include a 108MP and 10x hybrid optical zoom lens, and most importantly its new 100x digital lens. 

Both Huawei and Apple have a version of a phone with 100x digital lens. However, Ben Wood, the chief of research for CCS Insight, thinks Samsung has “definitely stepped it up when it comes to camera capabilities on the new S20 line-up”

All three new models have Amoled screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which means they will have twice the speed of a normal smartphone. This can make the device smoother in both scrolling and faster touchscreens. 

From the front, these new models seem to resemble the old S10 models from 2019, but from the back it is all glass with a big camera in the top left corner which seems to resemble the same model used by Apple and Google. 

This new S20 is available with 4G and 5G versions, while the S20+ and the S20 Ultra are only available with a 5G version. These three models will all have at least 128GB of storage and a card slot called microSD, in case you need to add more.  

Wood stated that “The challenge, which Samsung faces together with all other smartphone makers, is how to stand out from the endless stream of similar-looking black touchscreen rectangles.” 

Wood added that “The support for 5G across all three variants of the S20 lineup is a key element, ensuring customers are getting a futureproof purchase and the camera certainly stands out, particularly on the flagship S20 Ultra.”

Along with the S20 series, Samsung has decided to launch the new Galaxy Z Flip, and an updated version of its wireless earbuds, which seem to have a similar design but with increased battery life of 11 hours.  

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