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Female protesters furious about woman’s murder storm Mexico

Aline Pawsfeed / Pawscast Editor, The Pawprint

Hundreds of women took to Mexico City’s streets to condemn a young woman’s grisly murder and mutilation, spray “we won’t be silenced” graffiti on the National Palace of the city, and face riot police.

Ingrid Escamilla, of Mexico City, last weekend’s killing comes as Mexico is dealing with a spike in gender-related assaults. Her arrested boyfriend allegedly confessed to killing the 25-year-old with a knife, mutilating her body and flushing part of her body into the sewer. But the anger over death increased after photographs released by some local media showing her skinned corpse, apparently leaked by police officers.

In a statement read aloud Friday during the demonstrations. The protesters said “It enrages us how Ingrid was killed, and how the media put her body on display,” 

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