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Samsung Surprises Oscars with Official Flip Phone Reveal [UPDATE]

Gabi Beltram Editor-In-Chief, The Pawprint

Samsung’s latest addition to their long list of mobile devices comes in the form of the ‘Galaxy Z Flip’. The new device was rumored to be revealed at Samsung’s Unpacked event February 11th, (live at www.samsung.com) but instead it was seen in a commercial during the Oscars earlier yesterday.

The ‘Z Flip’ is an interesting upgrade of the long past trendy flip phone from the 90s. Along with it modern hardware like the beautiful high quality widescreen (sans an entire keypad section like it’s famous predecessor), the Z Flip’s commercial does denote in fine print that: “You may notice a crease at the center of the main screen, which is a natural characteristic of the screen”. Whether this will bring forth problems or not is still undetermined but many people have taken the time to speculate.

Leaks have caused this product to be known to the world for a while now and anticipation has been built, but whether the leaks hold any merit will be revealed during the Unpacked event tomorrow. 

The commercial:

Source: Nilay Patel, @reckless on Twitter


The newly revealed phone offers three colors: mirror purple, mirror black, and mirror gold. As well as a Thom Browne edition, sporting the clothing brand’s iconic color scheme and sleek, fashionable design.

The phone itself has many features which include: a 10 megapixel front facing camera. A 6.7″ screen. An external notification display bar on the outside of the phone. A 330mAh battery (which has a 33 hour battery life). Wireless powershare- a feature that shares battery via touch (only if it is a Samsung product). It has 256GB of storage. A handy multi active window mode, which allows you to use two apps simultaneously on the separate screens. A 7nm processor and 8GB of RAM. It also has their in-house AI helper- Bixby, and “Bixby Vision” which uses your camera to: search for images, translate, search calorie counts via QR codes etc, and has an AR maps feature among many others. It has 4k UHD recording, auto-stabilizing, an ultra wide camera- 12 megapixel and 123 degree field of view, and a custom filter option. It has many ways to stay secure such as: face recognition, fingerprint scan, pin, pattern, and password. As of now they have a few leather cases for the phone, but more are anticipated.

For more information visit Samsung’s official page-https://www.samsung.com/global/galaxy/galaxy-z-flip/

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