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[UPDATE] L.A. Teachers to Sue Delta

Shoug Basim Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Four teachers in Los Angeles, California, filed a lawsuit against Delta Air Lines on Friday, the 17th of January, saying they felt “sick, dizzy, and nauseated” after they were drenched by jet fuel that was released by a Boeing 777 aircraft that proceeded to make an emergency landing at nearby Los Angeles International Airport. 

“Fuel penetrated their mouths and noses as well producing a lasting and severe irritation and a lasting and noxious taste and smell,” the lawsuit said, according to a Friday report from USA Today.

Within the lawsuit, the four elementary school teachers, who work at Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy, California, claimed they “could feel the fuel on their clothes, flesh, eyes and skin” following the jet fuel jettison, which occurred on Tuesday (14 January).

The Federal Aviation Administration investigated the random decision to drop the fuel from mid-air. An expert on “CNN Thursday” said, a communication error with Air Traffic Control may be to blame for the incident, as a transcript revealed the pilot told air-traffic controllers he “did not plan to release the fuel”.

The Delta Air Lines flight 89 was slated to travel from LAX to Shanghai, China, when it began to face unidentified engine troubles, according to a previous insider report. 

Approximately 60 adults and children were treated by firefighters at the scene, but none affected were sent to the hospital, USA Today reported. Most of the injuries revolved around complaints of skin irritation. The individuals treated came from five elementary and one high school in Cudahy, South Gate, and Los Angeles.

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