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Robot Dog Will Bring You Toilet Paper

Nanor Pontigian and Charlotte Eykerman Science and Tech Editor and Opinion Editor, The Pawprint

The 53rd annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the largest Technology shows in the world, opened January 7 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It runs for four days. At the event, the categories are endless. They preview all different tech appliances from self driving cars to two-faced TVs and appliances. All are due for release this year.

Samsungs Rotating TV:

Samsung has been working on a new TV, but it’s not like any other TV, it looks like a smartphone that rotates. The TV can rotate automatically to match the users smartphone but it has to be synced with a Samsung device. This rotating TV, mirrors everything you do on your device. It’s truly fantastic. Currently the TV is in the making and there is no due date for the release yet.

Anti-snoring Pillows:

This anti-snoring pillow allows you and your partner to sleep peacefully at night. It automatically changes the angle of the person’s head to stop them from snoring, using pressure sensors that can track the position and angle of your head. This pillow is created by Korean company, called Tenminds.

Smart bins:

It may sound rubbish, however this smart bin made by Knectek Labs may be this years hit at CES 2020 since it brings an end to typical disgusting leaky bins. This new smart tech bin self-seals, detects overload and eliminates the smelly odor.

Wearable Air Purifier:

In our world today, you can never be sure about your surroundings. Air pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world, to help people the company Atmōs has created a personal air filter. Especially for the countries Beijing and London. The mask is transparent and it covers your nose and mouth. It provides a bubble of clean filtered air for you to breathe.

A Sitting Segway:

This egg-shaped, two wheeler segway allows people to sit and move around effortlessly. The S-Pod is powered by the same technology as traditional segways however, the S-Pod is controlled with a joystick. It will always keep the same chair level and it allows quick change in direction even when stopped.

Toilet Paper Robot:

One of the best robots in CES is the Charmin RollBot. This Robot carries all the toilet paper on top of itself. You can summon the robot by connecting to it using Bluetooth on your smartphone. This robot can save you the trouble of having to run after your toilet paper.

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