DAA Daily

Plane dumps fuel over a Los Angeles school

Oyku Cicek Butun Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A passenger plane dumped fuel over a school during an emergency landing at L.A. airport.

60 people, mostly children, were treated for skin irritation and breathing problems.

It is a normal action for planes to dump fuel in an emergency landing however, according to the aviation rules, only on designated area and at high altitude.

The passenger plane returned for a said engine issue yet the mayor Elizabeth Alcantar stated that she was “very upset” due to the incident hurting small children as a primary school class was outside during the time of the incident. It was said that the plane had to dump this fuel to reduce its landing weight.

Allen Kenitzer, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration told Reuters news agency: “The FAA is thoroughly investigating the circumstances behind this incident. There are special fuel-dumping procedures for aircraft operating into and out of any major US airport.”

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