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Paralyzed man breaks world record in exoskeleton suit

Mario Tawfik Staff Editor, The Pawprint

Adam Gorlitsky, paralyzed from the waist down, completed the Charleston marathon in a record 33 hours, 50 minutes and 23 seconds using an exoskeleton suit. An exoskeleton contains a frame that goes around a user’s body or part of the user’s body. The frame is sometimes made out of a hard material, such as metal, and sometimes out of soft material, such as special kinds of fabrics. Exoskeletons contain sensors, which respond to the user’s movements.

The previous record was held by a British man called Simon Kindleysides, who finished the 2018 London Marathon in 36 hours and 46 minutes, according to Guinness World Records. Gorlitsky started walking the race Thursday night and finished Saturday morning, without taking any breaks for sleep.

This was Gorlitsky’s second marathon attempt. His first attempt was at the Los Angeles Marathon in March 2019, when he made it to 17.2 miles before stopping. Gorlitsky commented “I’ve been attempting to break Simon’s record for about a year now, and now that I have, the second I crossed that finish line, I have a whole new level of respect for him and anyone who walks a marathon wearing an exoskeleton suit. It wasn’t easy at all.”

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