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The Angry Cat Robot

Frederique Beck Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

A Chinese company called PudaTech, has developed a robot that can get angry if it is prevented from doing its job.

It was created for Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in LA as an upgraded and renewed version of past robots with new assets.

These cat bots, called Bellabots, are being used to serve in restaurants, to bring food and drinks to tables. What sets these robots apart from others is that it has a screen which displays emotions, meows when new guests arrive and even responds to touches. 

The bot is programmed to respond in delight when stroked but if customers continue petting the bot for too long they are met with a surprise. The bot will immediately change its expression to one of anger or frustration. 

The programmers explained that this is because the robot gets upset when customers distract them from their job for too long.

Bellabots are being used in about 2,000 restaurants so far and are a great help for places that have problems with finding workers. This makes it easier for all the servants working there.

In other news, these robots are not just good for serving customers that walk in, they also attract customers, much to the restaurant’s owner’s delight. Many people have a fascination for these Bellabots and simply find them adorable. Many people would even go to these restaurants just to enjoy the experience of being served by these cat robots.

Bellabots find it difficult to move through the restaurants when it is packed. They use sensors to move around, indicating to the robot where there are walls or objects, and the tables are marked for them to find. If too many people continually move in front of their sensors, they will become lost.

This all means that the next step in programming these bots should be to make it easier for them to navigate in crowded restaurants, to help indicate to them what is a person and what is not. 

People have already made this technology and PudaTech is already implementing it, possibly with adding a little “Excuse me” for when they bump into customer.  

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