DAA Daily

To IB or to not IB? (Volume 2)

Gina Bagnulo News Editor, The Pawprint

Dubai American Academy stands out as Dubai’s only outstanding rated American school by the KHDA, Dubai education authority. But why is this? Government statistics seem to point towards the fact that the school offers multiple academic pathways, and most notably the Internationa Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program. However, in addition to IB, DAA also offers additional pathways to juniors and seniors such as the IB certificate program, which is composed of an individual taking one or more IB classes in addition to high school curriculum classes. Finally, DAA also offers the complete American high school diploma, which is composed of no IB classes. So – is IB for everyone? The Pawprint decided to ask this question to one member of the student body taking the IB diploma, a student taking IB the certificate program, and a student taking the American diploma program. 

The Pawprint spoke to Cicek Butun, who is in her first year of the IB diploma program, asking her opinion on such an academically rigorous program. 

Why did you take the IB Diploma program?

“I did an IB diploma because many subjects were in my interest and I wanted to improve on them and study them in depth, taking the whole diploma due to the amount of classes I wanted take, made it more logical for me to follow the IB diploma system.”

Do you think IB is for everyone? 

Speaking to Hajar Najja, a senior at DAA taking the IB certificate program, The Pawprint asked why this program was her pathway of choice. “At first I wanted to do full IB, but I was not allowed to take three sciences and was obligated to take a social science. In light of this, I dropped full IB which allowed me to do this as I want to study medicine.” 

Do you think IB is for everyone? 

“I think it depends on the person and how efficiently someone can work, but I don’t think it is for everyone.”

Gabi Beltram is a senior who takes the complete American High School Diploma program. The Pawprint asked her why she did the American Diploma as opposed to IBI was more comfortable with it, and I always planned on applying to the US.” Gabi said.

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