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Where to Get Your Christmas Tree in Dubai

Belize Engström Staff reporter, The Pawprint

‘Tis the season to start looking for a pine tree.

There is nothing like a real Christmas tree to put you in the Christmas spirit. I mean is it even Christmas without out that traditional pine tree?

Christmas trees are certainly a centerpiece of this holiday. Having a green decorated tree in your home fills your home with not only a holiday theme but spirit and joy as well. You get especially joyful when you see all the presents lying under the tree. 

Looking for smaller Christmas trees to display around your house or a main tree can seem a little tricky considering we live in the desert. Here are some possible options for you who are not sure where to find a Christmas tree here in Dubai.

Stop by Satwa, Hubaida street to pick out your Christmas tree. It is located on the Iranian hospital side of Hubaida street. There you can find a variety of trees with different sizes and prices. The trees are imported straight from Canada and have a starting price of 400 AED (but there is some room to bargain). 

If you find it too big of a hassle to go and pick out a tree, you can get your tree the modern way as well. While ordering a tree online can seem a little risky some sites can be reliable like Ace Hardware‘s, online store. It is surprisingly simple to order a tree online and most sites offer home delivery. 

Ace offers a wide collection of different kinds of Christmas trees, making it easier for you to find the tree that suits you. You can find trees that cost only 29 AED up to trees that cost 1,299 AED. 

Clink on the link below to go directly to the site and order your tree 


Another online shop to consider if wanting to order your Christmas tree is ‘my green chapter’. It is a store specialized in plants and gardens. They also have a wide collection of pine trees.

Clink on the link below to go directly to the site and order your tree


Other places to find a tree include, Plant Souk in Al Awir close to Dragon Mart or Dubai Garden Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road. Both places also give you room to haggle on the prices. 

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