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Yellow is the New Black!

Nanor Pontigian & Charlotte Eykerman Science & Tech Editor & Opinion Editor, The Pawprint

Black Friday is commonly known as the busiest shopping day of the year. It all started in the US and it has since spread worldwide. This day for as long as we can remember has become a crucial part of every business’ economy. This year, Black Friday, will fall right after Thanksgiving on the 29th of November, but shops like H&M and Amazon have already begun advertising for their big sale. I’m so excited for all the sales!

How did Black friday get its name? 

Black Friday has been given many reasons for its name throughout the years, for one, some people like to believe that it was based on the high customer rates, described in economy as a retailer being in the “black”, (i.e. making a profit). 

Other people believe that it was just based on the traffic and the excessive amount of shoppers. Due to the sales, shoppers have become aggressive. This has caused a lot of accidents and violence. Therefore, the police have used the word “black” to describe the actions that this sale has caused. 

This four-day Thanksgiving weekend results in roughly $50bn each year in the US. Black Friday for a while has been known to be a crucial part of businesses. Sometimes they are able to make enough money, that would put them “in the black” throughout the rest of the year. Since Black Friday plays a major role in a business’s annual performance, investors have now begun to look at the sale’s numbers as a way to fix the health of the industry.

What are the different colors for Black Friday?

Different online companies have been using different colors to advertise their Black Friday sale. Online shopping apps such as Amazon are using white, Noon’s in yellow, and Namshi is sticking with black. All aforementioned apps have decided to continue their sale for a whole week after Friday.

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