DAA Daily

China’s Vast Prison Camp Network

Oyku Cicek Butun Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

The internal workings of a vast chain of Chinese internment camps used to detain at least a million people from the nation’s Muslim minorities are laid out in leaked Communist Party documents published on Sunday.  These documents were given out to 17 media partners

The  documents are consistent with mounting evidence that the country runs detention camps that are secret, involuntary and used for ideological “education transformation”. 

Reports surfaced of detention camps with it inmates having minorities as the majority.

After satellite photos and a flood of testimony from former detainees and relatives became impossible to ignore, the party insisted they were for voluntary “vocational training”.The cables provide apparent confirmation from within China’s bureaucracy that the camps were envisaged from the start as brainwashing detention centres, to be constructed on a massive scale, with inmates confined by multiple layers of security.

Signed in the name of Zhu Hailun, the top security official and deputy Communist party chief in Xinjiang, it sets out how the centres were designed to expose detainees to a period of enforced indoctrination. 

The document seems to match the allegation made by the people who claimed to have been forced to attend the camps; torture, rape and abuse, as well as a order from Zhu Hailun that does not allow abnormal deaths.

The 12 month long camps is said to have 2 tiers. One focusing on ideology and  language. While the other six months focused on labour skills. 

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