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The Glass Menagerie Finale

Donna Abou Nasr and Jenna Daudpota Staff Reporter and Arts & Entertainment Editor, The Pawprint

The final show of DAA high school’s production of the Glass Menagerie was on November 7th at 3:30pm in the Auditorium. The show is about a family during the Great Depression with an absent father whose presence is portrayed through a picture on the wall. The play also involves a mother named Amanda, a daughter named Laura and a son named Tom. It depicts themes of disability, broken dreams, the inability to follow those dreams, as well as families and the tensions that exist within them.

The family and group dynamic in theater is very important. The director of the production, Padraig Downey, said: “We are two weeks into rehearsals, and yesterday, we laughed a lot. So although we take it very seriously, we get our work accomplished…We have a very strict schedule. We can always laugh and have a bit of a joke around with things. Especially with just silly mistakes and silly things. Because we have such intensive days in school with study…sometimes it’s nice to unwind…All of us like to do this for fun and enjoyment first and foremost and because we all love theater. So, I enjoy getting to know the students outside of school and to see them shine as well.”

When he was asked about the most difficult thing about putting any production together, Padraig Downey, said: “The most challenging thing is that it’s not for me. This is not a vehicle for me to shine; it’s for the students to shine, and I think that’s important for students to step up and take roles of responsibility…Even if they make mistakes, they’re good mistakes because they learn from them.”

In the first performance, November 6, the cast showed an interesting display of family tensions and pressures on the general populace in the time of the Great Depression. The lighting was done beautifully and emphasized the mood of the scenes. The set was detailed, especially the glass from the sister’s Glass Menagerie. The acting was passionate and the actors put a lot of effort into their roles.

To know more about the cast and characters, see the Glass Menagerie Playbill.

1 Comment on The Glass Menagerie Finale

  1. Pawprint Digital // November 19, 2019 at 8:20 AM // Reply

    Great performance. Well done to all students involved under the direction of Mr. Downey.

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