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Bayern’s Potential Future Manager: Arsene Wenger

Mario Tawfik Sports Editor, The Pawprint

Former Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger is having a talk with Bayern Munich next week for a shot at their vacant manager position. Wenger, the 70 year old, told BEIN Sports that he is having a talk with Bayern’s executive board chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge after Bayern sacked their former manager Niko Kovac earlier this week. 

Wenger had spoken about the matter and said “We decided together we will talk next week because I’m in Doha until Sunday. This is the true story: On Wednesday afternoon, Rummenigge called me. I could not answer and by politeness I called him back. He was in his car going to the game against Olympiakos. We talked for four to five minutes maximum and he told me they had assigned [Hans-Dieter] Flick to be the coach – he will manage the next two games. He [Rummenigge] asked me if I would be interested because they are looking for a coach. I told him I didn’t have any thoughts about it – it needs some time to have a think about it.” 

After spending 22 years in charge of Arsenal in which Wenger has won three Premier League titles and the FA cup 7 times, he left the Gunners at the end of the 2017-2018 season. 

Bayern is currently in the fourth position in the Bundesliga, 4 points behind leaders Borussia Monchengladbach after 10 games in. 

In Kovac’s last match in charge, they lost 5-1 to Eintracht Frankfurt. However, Bayern has a perfect Champions League record, and their 2-0 win over Olympiakos in Flick’s first game in temporary charge becoming their fourth win in their four group stage games. 

Bayern has managed to trash Tottenham 7-2 at the beginning of October while still being managed by Kovac in an away Champions League match in London. It appears though that Bayern’s hopes will rest on Flick being able to hold his own against Dortmund for the time being. 

A good performance could see him given the reigns until the end of the season, as a move for a long-term successor could be pursued.

Will Wenger be chosen to be the next boss of the Bundesliga champions or will his era come to an end?

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