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Phoenix Suns Have the Look of Legitimate Playoff Contenders this Year

Carlos Resino Sports Editor, The Pawprint

If you know something about the NBA you could agree that the Phoenix Suns were one of the least dangerous teams in the Western Conference. Last year, the Phoenix Suns got last position in the Western Conference with 21 wins and 61 losses. Two years ago they also got last with 24 wins and 58 losses. At this moment, the Suns are 7th in the league with 4 wins and 2 losses, quite an impressive position. 

This is no fluke, the Suns are playing truly competitive basketball every game. The ball movement has also improved with the addition of Ricky Rubio. The Spanish player is leading the NBA with 9.3 assists per game. On defense, the Suns have proven that they are not a team opponents can beat up anymore. Rubio ranks fifth in the league in steals per game. There is still plenty of basketball to be played this season, but Phoenix has done a complete 180 from a year ago, and it looks like they could be fighting for a playoff spot this year instead of a lottery pick in June.

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