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Disturbing Lead Levels in Canadian Water

Oyku Cicek Butun Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Exceeding levels of lead were found in major Canadian water supplies. The lead levels were found to be similar to the water found in Flint Michigan, USA, during the water crisis of 2015. An investigation revealed one-third of 12,000 samples taken between 2014 – 2018 exceeded national safety guidelines of 5 parts per billion.  

The number is scary when evaluated considering the fact that Canada has the third-largest per-capita freshwater reserve in the world. The lead contamination in the supply has been linked to low I.Q. of children with lead contamination in the world. 

The investigation conducted by 120 journalists from 10 media outlets and 9 universities in partnership with the Institute for Investigative Journalism found a third exceeded the safe limit of 5ppb, 18% were over the US limit of 15ppb. Reporters also tested the drinking water in older homes in 32 cities across the country, taking samples from residents who volunteered. Out of 260 homes sampled, about 39% exceeded the current federal guideline.

The biggest source of lead in Canada’s drinking water is antiquated pipes and public service lines that connect people’s homes to the main water supply. A government report from 2017 estimated that about 500,000 homes across the country were affected.

4 Comments on Disturbing Lead Levels in Canadian Water

  1. Aksel Tacettin // November 8, 2019 at 7:21 PM // Reply

    Very informational, short and sweet. Great article bringing to light an interesting topic. Keep up the statistical reports! Also, I hate Canada.

  2. Overall this article was very nice and easy to read. The statistics were very relevant and kept you interested. I was quite shocked by how so much percentage of water in Canada was exceeding the federal guidelines!

  3. Remember when we used to put lead in our gasoline? And then realized that it was pretty much melting the brains of anyone breathing it?

    So why do counties knowingly ignore lead pipes, and then act all surprised when people start getting sick?

  4. Oh wow this is really serious…I’ve heard about the problems with lead in the water in Michigan but I didn’t know it’s gotten this bad in Canada! I hope they’re able to fix up the pipes before anyone else is affected

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