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Are Old-School Paper Planners Better than Apps?

Sabina Saktaganova Staff Reporter, The Pawprint

Most people want to stay productive to benefit society and themselves. However, the problem is that they cannot. One day, you will decide how you want to plan your day, creating  healthy habits and wanting to follow them. The next day, you will end up wasting your time scrolling through your social media feed and forgetting all the plans you made.

This is why planning is necessary and using planners is really helpful. Seeing due dates and tasks disciplines, but it also helps to stop procrastinating, indeed planners motivate you.

Any type of planner is better than nothing. But why do I choose paper planners instead of many convenient apps?

Firstly, writing by hand helps you approach planning with mindfulness. Writing usually takes more time, so it means that you can analyze your goals for the day. Not just randomly writing them down, just because you think they sound good. It’s really important to plan out your days ahead of time, so you don’t put too much on your plate. Resulting to not having  a hectic schedule, and not stressing yourself out. A well-planned timetable is the key to organization and a stress-less and balanced life.

Secondly, it’s really convenient to keep everything in one place instead of bouncing from app to app. If you’re using your phone, you’re having to use different apps for different purposes. Then you will become confused and will not remember everything that you had planned to do, which is not good at all. So, you will benefit from having everything in one book or planner.. It is more organized and helps you have a balanced schedule. In addition, it can be almost as portable as a phone, which is also convenient.

Thirdly, according to “Psychology Today” planners provide excellent stress relief and health benefits. A planner can help your physical health by tracking things like diets and how often you exercise You can also schedule regular doctor and dentist appointments, making sure they don’t bump into each other. In addition, the feeling of relief when you cross out the tasks by hand by the end of the day is really satisfactory and helps to release stress.

A planner also helps you schedule days when you can spend your time outside.  It is crucial to put not only goals and tasks in the planner, but relax times too. As I already mentioned: “A well-planned timetable is the key to organization and a stress-less and balanced life”. You get mental health benefits by reducing stress, and even having diary pages for when you just need to get rid of the emotions and thoughts that can haunt or stress you out. You can also use your planner to schedule self-care activities.

In conclusion, all people want to stay productive, but not everyone can. Because of this, it is important to have a planner. The best choice is to have paper planners, even though they’re not that modern, they’re the most effective and beneficial for both productivity and health. So, if you were wondering what is better and more convenient: paper planner or an app, now you know the answer.

1 Comment on Are Old-School Paper Planners Better than Apps?

  1. I tried with apps for a long time because it is more convenient, accessible, and private. But paper planner was the way to go for me. I followed it with more discipline and organization. It is better even though I have an extra thing to carry around and be careful to not leave it sitting around where people can read it.

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