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Ranking Halloween Movies

Jasmine Conway & Giorgia Turchetti Feature Editor & News Digest Editor, The Pawprint


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The movie Halloweentown is a family-friendly movie, getting you into the Halloween spirit! 3 kids named Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie, follow their grandmother back home to a place called Halloweentown. Creatures like ghosts, werewolves, and witches live normal lives until an unknown villain tries to take over Halloweentown. Approaching Marine’s 13th birthday, she realizes that she comes from a family of very powerful witches. It is now up to her and her family to save Halloweentown from evil. This classic Disney show movie is fun, exciting, and will make you laugh your socks off. 



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Casper is an old-time classic Halloween movie for all ages. In a town called Manie, a playful ghost named Casper and his 3 uncles haunt a mansion with no one home. Dr. James and his daughter Kat get sent to get the ghost out of the house. The 3 mischievous uncles try to get the family out of the house. But Casper falls in love with Kat. All Casper wants to do is be a little boy again. With the help of Kat, his dreams could come true. This movie will bring back the good childhood memories you once had. 



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Jack Black creates a funny spinoff of the book goosebumps. A teenager named Zach Cooper moves to a small town, befriending his neighbor Hannah. Hannah’s father, the  famous writer of goosebumps, accidentally lets out all the monsters from the book. It is up to Zach, Hannah, and her father to put the monsters back in the book. This is a great Halloween movie to watch if your in the mood a laugh. 



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Disney makes another great Halloween movie that is just good old fun. Twins separated at birth, Tia and Tamera, live completely different lives. They are reunited at their 21 birthday. Realizing that they also have special powers, they must use them to save the kingdom from evil. Anyone who watched Disney as a little kid will remember that fond memory they had as a child.



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‘Coraline’ is a perfect movie to watch with younger siblings to immerse yourself in fun, mystery and creativity. Coraline Jones is exploring her new home and discovers a secret world. Behind the door lies an alternate universe that mirrors her life in many ways. It all seems fantastic and surreal. Coraline rejoices in her discovery until the ‘Other Mother’ and the rest of her ‘Other’ family tries to keep her there forever. Coraline must try her hardest to return to her old life and family. 


The Nightmare Before Christmas 

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Another Halloween favorite is the 1993 fun-filled and spooky film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas.’ This adventurous story takes place in Halloweentown. Halloween town is a mysterious town full of skeletons, bats, monsters and all things spooky. Halloweentown’s beloved Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington, is bored of the usual Halloween festivities. Frightening people from the ‘real world’ does not satisfy him anymore. One day, he accidentally stumbles upon Christmastown. A place full of warm and colorful lights adorned Christmas trees and weird white things in the air. King Skellington wants to make all this wonder his by bringing Christmas under his control. Will his army of skeleton men be enough to capture Santa Claus or will the beloved King Skellington discover the true meaning of Christmas? 


The Addams Family 

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‘The Addams Family’ of 1991 is known to be Halloween classic. This macabre and bizarre family has been watched by millions all over the world, especially during this time of year. The aristocratic Addams family reconnect with who they believe to be a long-lost relative, Fester Addams. He claims to be the brother of Gomez, the father figure of the family. But he is actually the adopted son of a criminal loan shark. His mission is to rob the family of their immense fortune. Will this family be able to out-smart ‘Fester Addams’? 


When We First Met

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When We First Met captures romance and the magic of Halloween all in one unpredictable and fun-filled story. When Noah Ashby’s best friend Avery Martin throws an engagement party to celebrate her marriage, Noah realizes how in love he is with her. He thinks back to the Halloween party when the first met three years ago and wishes he could go back in time. Whilst he reminisces in the photo booth they went to that night, he travels back in time to that exact party. Now it’s up to Noah to change his destiny. But will that be enough to win over his best friend?


Hotel Transylvania

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This fun and extremely creative cartoon is full of diverse and spooky creatures, perfect to set the mood of Halloween. The lavish ‘Hotel Transylvania’ built by Count Dracula himself is where all monsters escape to to be themselves and stay away from humans. Count Dracula invites some special friends like the Mummy, the werewolf family, the Invisible Man, and even Frankenstein to celebrate the 118th birthday of his beloved daughter Mavis. As the big celebrations start to unfold a complication completely changes Count Dracula’s plans. An ordinary human has arrived at the hotel and has fallen in love with Mavis!


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  1. I love the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, it is one of my favorite movies EVER!

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