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BTSB Sizzles Again this Year

Aline Tarasconi Pawscast / Pawsfeed Editor, The Pawprint

The High School student government arranged the Back To School Barbeque (BTSB) which happened after school on Thursday, October 10th from 3-6 pm. 

It was held on the soccer field outside of the school. This event has been a tradition in Dubai American Academy, the event held many fun activities which always included the same traditional activities as previous years. This year they added soapy soccer.

One of last year’s main activities was that you could get inside and roll around in a giant-sized hamster ball on the soccer field and compete in a race against a race to the other end of the field. Our school’s favorite back to school barbecue tradition is that you have the chance to dunk a teacher into a pit of water just like you would do at a carnival. 

This year’s lucky teachers that got dunked were Mr. Ely, Mr. Egan, Mr. Farag, Ms. Joe, Mr. Doubleday, Mr. Smit, Ms. Szar, Ms. Jabailey, Mr. Johanson, Ms. Engler, Mr. Courlander, Mr. Strobel & Ms. Ackerman. Other great activities at the back to school barbecue included pinball throwing, food, drinks, and live singing from our peers. 

Some of these peers that sung at the barbecue included Donna AbouNasr who sang a beautiful version of ‘How to save a life’ by The Fray and Omar Taha who sang ‘idontwannabeyouanymore’ by Billie Eilish., Senior Fynn Walraven said “I enjoyed the food, the music and I enjoyed looking at my teachers getting dunked”. It was a great day!

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