DAA Daily

Spirit Week Was a Blast!

Charlotte Eykerman & Giorgia Turchetti Staff Reporter & Daily Digest Editor- The Pawprint

DAA high school students show off their school spirit!

From the 29th September to 3rd October, DAA’s high school hosted spirit week, to showcase all the school spirit students had. Every day had a particular theme: Sleepy Sunday, Dad Day Monday, White Out Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday, and Jersey Thursday. The Student Government hoped to boost the school’s passion and spirit, and they sure did!

On Sleepy Sunday, all high school students showed up in their cozy pajamas, from sweatpants to coming in a warm onesie. The students got a chance to participate in the pillow fights that were held in the reception at break. Sleepy Sunday was an enjoyable day where students and teachers got a chance to show off their cute and comfy pajamas.

On Dad Day Monday, all students stole some football jerseys and Hawaiian t-shirts from their dad’s closets. The school was full of long colorful shirts, bucket hats, and bright cycling sunglasses. During break, the students held a dad joke battle where everyone shared their funniest and sometimes corniest dad jokes! 

On Tuesday everyone, even the teachers came to school wearing all white. Some kids took this as an opportunity to wear comfy white fluffy pajamas and sneak in a few pillows even though sleepy Sunday had already passed! During break students all gathered to play Heads Up and faced their fellow teachers. 

The DAA high school students went crazy with mis-matching their fashion on Wacky Wednesday. Students showed up wearing ridiculous wigs, crazy long socks and their wackiest hairstyles. Many kids also twinned with their friends to create a funny and wacky look. It was hilarious to see what the student came up with for Wacky Wednesday!

On Thursday, the students came to school wearing jerseys from all over the world. The tees ranged from favorite sports teams, to students representing their home country. The hallways were full of different flags and team jerseys from almost any sport!

One of our writers from the Pawprint asked students their thoughts on spirit week this year and there seemed to be a recurring suggestion; prizes! For our next spirit week it would be great to have awards for the ‘best dressed’ of each spirit week day! 

Overall, Spirit week was one of the most fun and enjoyable weeks that was hosted by the high school where all students came together to participate. It really brings out the best of the school’s spirit.

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