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Waitress Arrested for Threatening to Shoot 400 Students

Jenna Daudpota Arts and Entertainment Editor- The Pawprint

An eighteen year old waitress named Alex Wilson was arrested after buying an AK-47 and telling her co-worker that she was going to “shoot up” her old school. She showed a different coworker videos of her firing her new rifle. Even though the police believed her to be a felon, she said that she “would never shoot up a school” in real life. Her mother wasn’t concerned at her buying a gun at all, because she hunted regularly and knew that her daughter was saving up for a new hunting rifle. According to them, Ms Wilson was trying to convince her coworker that not all gun owners were bad. 

Evidently, her coworker was not convinced. This may be attributed to the violent behavior she exhibited during highschool, one incident even reported to have a knife involved. During the investigation, a shotgun, six magazines of bullets and a stock sleeve were found in her home. Ms Wilson was detained and the security of the school was upped. She is currently being charged with felony terrorist hoax.

1 Comment on Waitress Arrested for Threatening to Shoot 400 Students

  1. Amazing article. Very eye opening and interesting. Not something to be joked about though. Well done to the writer.

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