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Mr Hagen: A Man of the Humanities

Gina Bagnulo News Editor- The Pawprint

Mr Hagen is one of the many additions to DAA staff this year. Having Moved to Dubai from his post as a Middle School history teacher in China, Mr. Hagen has assumed the role of a History, Sociology, and Economics teacher at DAA. The Pawprint recently conducted an interview with Mr Hagen to learn more about him and his take on becoming a teacher in one of Dubai’s most prestigious American curriculum schools. 

Where did you work before coming to DAA? 

I worked at a place called Nanshan Chinese International College in Shenzhen China. 


Why did you come to DAA?

My wife and I wanted to move to Dubai and DAA has a reputation of being one of the best and progressive schools in Dubai.

How did you become interested in teaching? 

Both my parents are teachers and when I was in university I had a scholarship, in which part of it meant I had to be a teacher’s assistant and I really enjoyed it. I was originally going to teach at university however I came to realize I liked working with younger kids better. 

What was your favourite high school subject? 

I really enjoyed AP calculus as I had a great teacher who used to explain things in a very fun and engaging sort of manner.  

What is special about your subject? 

My field of teaching deals with humanity which is a subject that everybody can relate. Many of the social sciences I teach (ie. History, Sociology, Economics) are relevant in the world we live in, in the respect that they can affect the way you live your day to day life, which is not something found in other subjects that you may just memorize for a test. 

If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be? 

As cheesy as it sounds I would like everybody to treat each other better, I never understood why certain people were mean to one another. 

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