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Google’s ‘Pixel 4’, New ‘Astrophotography’ mode leaked

Gabi Beltram

Media Editor

The Pawprint

Google’s new edition of their ‘Google Pixel’ may include a new photography mode unique to the phone. A spanish tech site ‘Pro Android’ posted a potential commercial for it, September 9th on YouTube. The video is yet to be taken down and has over 142,000 views. The leaked commercial depicts a mode that further proves Google’s low light dominance in the mobile phone world, by introducing a new night photography mode.

 ‘Astrophotography’ is the photography of stars, and is rumored to feature on the new ‘Pixel 4’. The promo video brags that the phone can “help you to get the perfect photo, even in the dark”. No phone to this day can perfectly handle the difficulties with night and low light photography and it is an even harder challenge to photograph stars. If the rumors are true, the new ‘Pixel 4’ will forever change mobile photography. 

There are many questions going around like: Whether this mode will combat light pollution without post-editing? Will the phone auto expose foreground objects and the background differently to get the correct lighting? But, the major debate is on if this mode is done via hardware or software. Will Google succeed in transferring a mode made for big bodied DSLR’s into a small phone? Or will they use AI to automatically edit the photos to enhance the stars? 

Leaked Promo Video:

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