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Oklahoma’s Severe Weather Kills Six

Six people died in Oklahoma after severe weather, including floods, storms, and tornadoes which hit the state over the span of several days.

Mayor Matt White said in a phone interview with CNN: “It’s a lot of devastation here, it’s levelled, it’s just devastated. It’s tore all to pieces, it was terrible.”

Two people were found dead in El Reno, and two others in Mayes County, according to the state medical examiner’s office. El Reno officials went around the city, to find victims and to assess the damage once the tornado hit Oklahoma on late Saturday. The search and rescue operation is still taking place, according to Mayor White.

A woman named Rachel Garrison was in a mobile home when the storm took place and told CNN that she “heard it coming.” She said that, after that, another trailer flipped onto the one she and her family was in. “After everything was over with and all the shaking and jarring, the sirens went off,” she told CNN.

White said, “We’re looking at basically under 15, under 16 trailers were the ones involved in the tornado.”

There were nearly 100 injuries in Oklahoma all together, and the tornado was rated EF-3 on the Enhanced Fujita scale. According to CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller, only around 5% of all tornadoes recorded are rated EF-3 or higher. An EF-3 indicates maximum wind speeds of 160 mph.

Over the entire United States, 10 people were killed and a 4-year-old boy went missing. A state official said floods were estimated to have affected 1,000 homes, at least.

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