DAA Daily

April’s Leopard of the Month: Ms Roma

Sara Al Jandal, Samantha Loomes and Jessica Loomes

April 23, 2019

News digest Editor and Pawprint Editors

The Pawprint

Ms Romana Agtarap has been awarded The Pawprints first Leopard of the month award! Whether it is her daily reports of missing items, signing passes or attending all students of the high school, Ms. Roma has demonstrated her hard work ethic in our school since September of 2015. Beginning her journey with DAA as a learning support teacher in the high school, and is now the high school secretary.

Employed for 17 years, her first career was working with an automotive corporation in the Philippines. Joining her husband, she and her son moved to Dubai, sparking her eventful journey with DAA. She expresses her great love for her family, and how a family is her greatest achievement.

After interviewing Ms.Roma, she explained to The Pawprint interviewers that her favourite thing about DAA is the students. Dealing with around 800 high schools students each day, Ms Roma is well known and liked by anyone she helps throughout the day. One thing is for sure, the high school would not be the same without Ms Roma!

“She’s amazing! She just knows everything, I genuinely don’t know what I’d do without her,” says Andras Repas (grade 10.)

Ms Roma is renowned in the high school for her friendliness and love. Ms Roma is always offering students snacks and making them smile, she also mentioned the importance of school spirit in her interview with The Pawprint, explaining that her favourite aspect of DAA is the growing school spirit and love.

“I love Ms.Romana and all she does for us each day! She’s so sweet that she even notices every time I am absent, it makes me feel that DAA is becoming united again!” Mahenau Leghari (grade 10.)

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