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Former NFL player charged with first-degree murder of 5-old daughter

source: The Washington Post

By Roos Döll

Arts and entertainment editor

The Pawprint

Cierre Wood, a Canadian former NFL player and his girlfriend, Amy Taylor, the mother of a five-year-old murdered girl, are charged with first-degree murder and child abuse after her body was found unresponsive at their apartment in Las Vagas, Nevada.    

Soon after the death of the little girl, La’Ravah Davis, the couple was arrested on suspicion of her murder when they refused to answer police questions.  The police investigation began after a series of image body scans were carried out that revealed an abnormally long list of injuries that could not have happened by accident.

The injuries included massive bruises, internal organ injuries, broken blood vessels, broken ribs and a few bite marks. The court judge stated, “to perform these severe injuries requires severe abuse.”

Prior to Davis’ murder, the couple was reported multiple times for their aggressive and abusive behaviour towards the five-year-old. According to the police, Wood orders his girlfriend to follow extreme measures of exercise and violence to discipline her daughter.

Taylor admitted to this and stated that “we would sit on her chest or hit her chest as discipline or refrain her from talking back to us.” and continued with, “it has to be one of us who could have killed her… by accident.”  

Despite this, Wood denied all abuse allegations held against him and instead claimed, “La’Ravah bruised easily.”  

On the night of her death, Wood disciplined La’Ravah with a set of sit-ups and sprints for not doing her homework. She fell backwards and hit her head on the concrete floor of their apartment. After she stood up, she stumbled and fell on the floor again from a concussion. The couple called 911 and soon after she was rushed to the Summerlin Hospital Medical Center.

Currently, the twenty-eight-year-old former running back and his girlfriend are held without bail at the Clark County Jail in Las Vagas.  

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