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Democrats to take on Trump in 2020 election

Jessica Loomes

Managing Editor

The Pawprint

Despite Trump being only halfway through his serving term, Democrats are lining up to stop him from winning a second.

The current Democrat group contains a record number of women and is said to be more diverse than ever. The group consists of a few wild cards – and the return of popular Bernie Sanders.

The confirmed:

  • Elizabeth Warren: An American politician serving as a senior US senator from Massachusetts since 2013. A favourite of the more progressive left. She aspires to push tougher regulation of the political sector. Motivated by the 2008 economic crash, She is known as a critic of income equality.
  • Kamala Harris: Known for having one of the most liberal voting records in Senate.  Serves as Junior US Senator for California since 2017 – has previously served as Attorney General of California. Criticized for her failure to support criminal justice reform efforts. Has a reputation as a hard-nosed prosecutor.
  • Bernie Sanders: Does he need an introduction? The Vermont Senator has decided to once again throw his hat in the ring for the presidency. Sanders managed to capture the hearts of American progressives and has had a large pool of loyal support ever since. Bernie has the advantages of name recognition and fund-raising. Sanders stands for policies that will reverse economic inequality. One of Sanders campaign points for the 2020 election is the promise to make college tuition free.
  • Julian Castro: Well known for being the youngest member of the Barack Obama cabinet. Served as the 16th US Secretary of Housing and Urban development and well-regarded mayor of San Antonio.
  • Kirsten Gillibrand: New York Senator whose campaign strives towards supporting the #MeToo movement.
  • Amy Klobuchar: Three-term Minnesota senator. Offers a good political outlook; known for citing her concern with growing national debt – opposes proposals such as Medicare for All and free college tuition.
  • Cory Booker: Mayor of Newark, and renowned New Jersey Senator. She is a very good public speaker who knows how to work Wall Street donors.
  • Pete Buttigieg: Mayor of South Bend, Indiana. Pete campaign revolves around his military background and support for the gay community. He’s shown in the past his ability to win in conservative states.
  • Tulsi Gabbard: Hawaii congresswoman who shares similar ideologies to Bernie Sanders. Classified as a progressive and has received criticism in the past for her opposition to abortion rights and gay marriage.
  • Andrew Yang: Previously appointed Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship by the Obama administration. A tech entrepreneur with big ideas that the government should pay $1,000 a month to all Americans between the ages of 18-64.
  • Marianne Williamson: An activist, author and self-help guru. Failed to win California’s 33rd congressional district in 2014.
  • John Delaney: Three-term Maryland congressman; He is a tech entrepreneur that supports jobs, education and infrastructure.

The ones to watch out for:

  • Joe Biden: Obama’s running mate may be what Democrats are looking for in the 2020 election. Biden is the previous Senator of Delaware and, by some, is criticized for his backing of the Iraq War. Biden is known for appealing to both the working class and middle-class voters. He supports capital punishment and favours diverting drug offenders out of America’s prison system and reinstating a federal ban on semi-automatic rifles.  
  • Hillary Clinton: Won more votes than Republican president Donald Trump, but lost the election. A strong stance against the proposed Mexico border wall. Has been the Senator of New York, US Secretary of State as well as First Lady of the United States. However, may be hesitant to enter a race she has a less likely chance of winning.
  • Howard Schultz: Billionaire and retired head of Starbucks. He has stated his views on fiscal restraint and government reform in public appearance. Stated that the Democrat party has shifted too far left and may be exploring an independent bid. Proclaimed “centrist” running on a deficit-reduction platform.

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