DAA Daily

Forest survivors; Leia and Caroline Carrico

Two sisters Leia and Caroline were stuck in a forest after wandering around farther away from their family. They wanted a little more adventure yet after a while found themselves lost. After trying to find a way out, it started to get dark and the girl explained, “We immediately knew we had to find shelter!”

The girls said to have used their youth club wilderness skills to survive for 44 hours in the wilderness. They found a tree branch that served as a shelter and shared Caroline’s jacket by each putting on an arm in every sleeve and zipping it up. For resources, they drank water off of leaves and ate their cereal bars.

Where the police found them was approximately 1.4 miles away from their initial spot.

Misty Carrico, their worried mother, said, “They did the right thing. I mean they might’ve wandered off but they stuck together and pulled themselves through. They saved each other”

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