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Cargo Jet Crashes Near Houston and Kills Three

On Saturday, a cargo jet operated by Atlas Air Inc with three passengers, crashed in Texas near Houston, with the nose of the Boeing 767 diving straight into shallow waters, according to Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne. He also mentioned that although the three bodies weren’t found, human remains were.

The plane crashed in Trinity Bay near Anahuac, Texas, and extended over three miles. The Bay’s waters are at a depth of just five feet, and it is only accessible from airboats or any other flat-bottom crafts. Dive teams from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Houston Police, and the Baytown Police are all looking into the crash site in order to get full information of what exactly happened.

The sheriff said, “There was nothing intact of the airplane. Knowing what I saw, I don’t think anyone could survive it.” He said that around six people saw the plane crashing into the water when it turned and went into a nosedive, and was rapidly descending by around 6,300 feet.

On the crash, Boeing said, “We are concerned about the safety of the three people reported to be on board the airplane. We are prepared to provide technical assistance to the National Transportation Safety Board as it investigates the incident.”

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