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11 year old boy set to inherit Karl Lagerfeld’s fortune

By Maya Hariz

Opinion editor

The Pawprint

The fashion world was hit with devastating news of the death of fashion icon and legend Karl Lagerfeld’s on February 19, 2019, 83 years of age.

Most fashion-fanatics are familiar with the worth of Lagerfeld’s empire as he said in an interview last year that $200 million of his fortune will go to several people close to his heart.

Some might say the closest thing he had to a child was his very pampered cat Choupette. But since Lagerfeld did not actually have any children of his own, he did have a Godson: 11-year-old Hudson Kroenig a New Jersey-based child model.

There are still questions being asked about whether Kroenig, the eldest son of male model and muse of Lagerfeld Brad Kroenig has been written into his Godfather’s will but he is still very lucky to call Lagerfeld his Godfather.

Hudson began his career at 2 years old modelling for Chanel and had continued runway appearances. Hudson’s career began when Lagerfeld met his father Brad in Biarritz, where he had a photoshoot for the magazine, VMan. Brad already had an impressive portfolio having modeled with many known clothing brands, but it was when Lagerfeld took notice of him that his career really started to take off. He quickly became one of Lagerfeld’s muses and their relationship grew into a familial one.

“I see the boys like family,” Lagerfeld quoted to The New York Times Magazine. “I have no family at all, so it’s good to have, like, sons, but without the unpleasant problems sons can create.”

Hudson’s parents have been thrilled with the impact the fashion icon has had on Hudson. “Karl encourages and believed in him and that even furthers his interest in drawing,’ Nicole, Brad’s wife, in an interview with Prestige. She also added that “Karl has been an amazing influence for them. Hudson painted a picture for Karl and then he write “Karl” in black and we surprised Karl and framed it and sent it to him. And Karl liked it so much that he decided to use it for a shirt in his Karl Lagerfeld Kids line.”

Hudson has a younger brother, 8-year-old boy named Jameson, he is not a model but always attends fashion events. It is unclear whether Jameson is also a Godson of Karl, but the two certainly have a strong bond.

Karl did not want to be buried, however, wishing to be cremated and having his ashes mixed together with his late mother and his cat Choupette.  

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