DAA Daily

DAA’s prom and SAT conflicting dates

By Sara Al Jandal

News digest editor

The Pawprint

This year’s prom date has been fixed for 8 March 2019!

The glitz and thrill of the James Bond theme are presented to students! Students are invited to spend the evening with their friends, and teachers whilst taking many pictures at the photobooths, eating delicious food and dancing throughout the night to the amazing DJ provided.

As this year’s prom occurs earlier compared to past years, students were left with 6 weeks since the announced final date to find their dresses, suits, and dates! March has many school events and trips such as the exciting Borneo trip for juniors, the St Petersburg Model United Nations trip (SPIMUN), International Food Festival (IFF), middle schools Week Without Walls (WWW) and many more! Hence, the prom committee cannot change the date of prom.

Amidst the busy schedule of March, the upcoming SAT date falls the day after prom, on 9 March. The SAT is standardized testing for high school students in their final year to present to many universities specifically in the United States and Canada.

As a result, many students expressed their stress with prom being the night before the SAT the following day. According to Kaplan, How to Study the Night before the SAT, states that “First and foremost, try to stay in and sleep early the night before. Give your body time to get adequate rest so that you will awake refreshed and ready to conquer the exam. Go ahead and set out what you will wear and the materials you plan to take (pencils, erasers, your ID, your test ticket). Setting those out the night before will save you from hassle in the morning.”

In response to the students’ concerns, Mrs. Shana Russell, head of college counseling in DAA, related to the student body by understanding the concerns of the SAT being before prom via email. With the intent of alleviating any worries of the students, she dismisses the common myths of the standardized test and coming up with further solutions.

As prom is an event where seniors take priority the date will not be moved, the effects of the SAT only disturb juniors, as the seniors have sent their applications to universities by now. Nonetheless, the prom date remains on 8 March 2019, leaving juniors with the opportunity to change their test date, or plan accordingly for the day of prom.

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