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London to Dubai in 3 Hours at Twice the Speed of Sound

Image credit: Air & Space MagazineF

By Mahenau Leghari

News Editor

The Pawprint

The American startup company Boom Technology’s newest commercial aircraft XB-1, also nicknamed Baby Boom, is set to take-off in 2025. Test flights began around the end of 2018 and you will be able to fly between London and Dubai in around three hours, traveling at speeds over twice as fast as the speed of sound.        

The aircraft travels at 1,687 miles per hour, faster than the speed of sound, which is 767 miles per hour. This means that Baby Boom can travel from Dubai to London in around three hours and fifteen minutes. The company has also stated that despite the plane flying much faster, it will not feel any different than a regular plane to passengers on board.

The founder of Boom Technology Blake Scholl revealed the company’s future plans in a conference in Dubai two years ago where he said, “Think about, for a moment, the families that are separated because of the long flights. Think about the trips not taken because, when you add up the lost hours, the trip just doesn’t feel worth it.”

The aircraft experience was said to be “significantly quieter” than Concorde, a supersonic jet that operated from 1976 before one of them crashed in 2003 and was never used again. The Baby Boom plane will be split into two single-seat rows with a first-class style, which will allow all passengers to access the aisle and a window.

In order to reduce the aircraft’s weight, there are no beds on Baby Boom. The jet will fly at a height of 60,000 feet, which will cut down flight time and allow passengers to see the curvature of the Earth.

The jet was designed by a team of aviation experts who have worked at NASA, SpaceX, and Boeing. They said that they learned from the mistakes of Concorde and will combine aerodynamics, efficient engine technology, and new materials, to create a jet that will travel 2.6 times faster than regular commercial airplanes.

Scholl says that there are around 500 possible routes for the Baby Boom, including a five hour trip from San Francisco to Tokyo, and a six-hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. However, the prices are obviously more expensive than existing fares for normal planes, with a ticket starting at $2,500.

Despite the more expensive tickets, Scholl insists that the experience of Baby Boom will be well worth it.

At the conference in Dubai two years ago, he also said, “We are a team of engineers and technologists, brought together for the sole purpose of making our world dramatically more accessible. You won’t have to be on the Forbes’ list to be able to fly, it will cost about the same as flying business class today. The ultimate goal is to make supersonic affordable for anyone who flies.”

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