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French Delivery Man Caught Stealing €3m From a Van

Two money delivery workers in France discovered their cash-filled van and third member gone after a delivery. The van had €3.4m when the third delivery man, Adrien Derbez, ran off with it. Derbez, 28, was found in an apartment in Amiens Tuesday evening. Bags of bank notes were in his possession. According to French news agency AFP, about €1.5m are still missing.

Derbez drove off with the money Monday morning at around 6 am. The other two went to make their delivery to a Western Union Branch in Aubervilliers. “They came back out, the van and the driver were gone,” police told AFP. The white van was found a few blocks away. The doors were opened and the money was missing. Police released his details to the public. On Tuesday, police received a tip on Derbez’s whereabouts. He was caught trying to escape through a window.

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