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Dead Tourist Found in Australian Outback

Image Source: BBC

Australian police have found a dead German tourist in the Northern Territory. On Wednesday, 62-year-old Monika Billen was found 3km away from the outback tourist spot, Emily Gap.

Before the discovery of her death, Billen had been reported missing. She had last been on January 2. After five days, police suspended the search. Billen’s phone providers gave the police her location data, and the search resumed.

Billen’s family in Cologne had been made aware of her absence before her body was discovered. “Monika has travelled off the beaten path for many years and in many countries and has always proceeded with caution,” her family wrote in a letter.

According to a motorist who had given Billen a lift to Emily Gap, she had seemed “dehydrated and disoriented”, refusing any offers of water. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology reports the average temperature for the area during January is 36.4C.

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