DAA Daily

Missing teen girl found 88 days later

Source: Insider

Sara Al Jandal

Daily Digest Editor

On Thursday, 10 January, Jayme Closs, 13, who was missing since October has turned up, 70 miles away from her home, after apparently escaping from her kidnapper. Her parents were found murdered at home, and this had led to an intense search by authorities for the girl.  

Jack Patterson, 21, has been arrested and accused of killing Closs’s parents in Wisconsin at their home on October 15. Patterson went to the extent of shaving his head to avoid leaving DNA hair evidence at the crime scene. Police believe that Patterson intended to kidnap the teenager, and killed her parents who “got in the way”.

Three months later, the teen was found outside a rural community of Gordon, where Patterson was keeping her hostage. A witness reported seeing Jayme in the cold, without any coat or gloves, begging for help. Patterson was not at the home when Closs was seeking help from the neighbors and explains that her capture hid her when he was not around. Soon after Patterson was pulled over and arrested.

There is no evidence to suggest any connection between the Closs and Patterson family. The Closs’ worked for one day at the same meat facility three years ago as Patterson, although they had no contact.

Patterson is being held in Barron County Jail, on charges of intentional homicide and kidnapping. His court appearance is tomorrow (Monday 14 January). Investigators are still uncovering the details of the kidnapping such as the motivation behind the killing and abduction and how she escaped.

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