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Violence in Brazilian state continues despite the presence of security forces

Attacks on Brazil’s north-east state of Ceará have continued despite the deployment of at least 300 members of the National Public Security Force to help bring an end to the days of violence in this region.

The public security department of Ceará said that buses and cars were set alight and petrol stations were attacked in the state capital of Fortaleza and at least 6 other cities.

The police killed 2 people in a shootout. Over a 100 people were arrested since the violence broke out on Wednesday.

While authorities are still unclear on the motive behind the attacks, officials believe that they were revenge for the recent announcement of the implementation of tighter rules governing prisons and prisoners in the state. There is reason to believe this is true as prison gangs in Brazil are powerful, and reach their extends far beyond the country’s jail.

“The people of Ceará need help at this time,” said Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s new president who was inaugurated on New Year’s Day.

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