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Egypt opens the Middle East’s biggest cathedral

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On Sunday the 6th of December Egypt had its official opening of the “Nativity of Christ”, a Coptic Christian cathedral that is located 45 kilometers east of Cairo. The opening of the church was accompanied by the opening of an equally massive mosque, the opening of both the mosque and the cathedral on the eve of the Coptic Christmas is a symbol of unity according to president Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi who stated as much in his brief speech at the opening, “We are one and we will remain one,” referring to Egyptian Christians and Muslims. “This is an important moment in our history.”
The opening comes a day after a bomb exploded near a Coptic church in a Cairo city district, where a police officer was killed trying to defuse the bomb. This incident is one of the many terrorist attacks in the past year that has claimed the lives of over 100 Coptic Christians which is why people fear that the cathedral will become a target. Despite this Egyptian-Muslim cleric Ahmed al-Tayeb, told the congregation that “if Islamic law requires Muslims to protect mosques, it equally requires Muslims to protect churches.”

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