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The ultimate Christmas gift guide for everyone

By Roos Döll

Staff Reporter

The Pawprint

Christmas is just around the corner, meaning one of the most stressful times of the year is yet to come and you have a lot of gift giving and gift wrapping to prepare for. To avoid being the person who just gives a festive card with money inside, this is the ultimate gift guide for any person you can think of; whether that is your sister, mother, best friend, grandpa or even a colleague. Hopefully this can help you out!  

Under $50 gifts for beauty lovers

GLAMGLOW – The SUPERMUD Superstar Set, $39

For all the skincare junkies out there, this is the perfect holiday set for you. It contains a full-size mask with two GRAVITYMUD tubes and an extra applicator. These facemasks will leave your skin feeling firmer, softer and lifted – amazing for the cooler weather.

Sephora – Spellbound Brush Set, $30

Every girl needs their go-to brush set. This specific one is rose gold medium size, seven-piece full-face brush set, with an additional rose gold case – very convenient for traveling!

Lush – Jolly Holidays Set, $49.95

For all the colder days or for all the pamper nights, Lush has got our backs. This box is filled with three Christmas themed bath bombs, one bubble bar, and one shower jelly, lastly a funky lunch box.

Maison Margiela – REPLICA’ Memory Box, $35     

You will always smell fresh with this massive range of fragrances during the holiday season! The memory box contains ten sample size evocative fragrances.

Sephora – Mix & Mingle Lip Collection, $28

Want to look extra cute for all the family Christmas dinners? This set will help with that! There are five lipsticks and five lip glosses, ranging from subtle and classy nude colors to bold holiday colors.

Under $50 gifts for family fun

What do you meme game, $30  

Running out of fun games to play with your family? To spice things up from just a regular board game, this card game will make everyone fall out their seats from laughter.

Family charades, $25

Everyone needs a family classic! This game comes with six super fun card desks to please every age group, making it the perfect mix for the whole family.

Karaoke system set, $46.79

Barely anything can compare to the happiness you feel when you are singing on the top of your lungs with your loved ones. This specific one has everything you need to turn your bedroom into a disco! Ranging from multi-colored lights, Bluetooth and a CD/CD&G player.

Under $50 gifts for tech lovers

Amazon Echo Dot, $29.99

The must-have new Amazon Echo Dot delivers amazing sound, allows you to get answers to your questions using Amazon’s Alexa, connect to external speakers and control lots of smart home accessories.

Typo – Bluetooth waterproof speaker, $29,99

You can finally practice your singing skills in the shower using a waterproof speaker! They are available in any color and any print!

Wireless charging pad, $49,99

The struggle of having a tangle of chargers and cords everywhere will soon end! This very useful and fast charging pad will save many of your busy lives.

Typo – Tablet cushion, $19,99

For all the lazy ones out there, this tablet pillow will be your favorite. A trendy printed pillow has sleeves for your iPad to fit perfectly, for all your Netflix binge nights.

Under $30 gifts you can’t go wrong with

Etsy – Rose Gold Zodiac Sign Necklace, $24

This very dainty and cute necklace can prove how much you know that person. It is a hand-stamped rose gold charm necklace with an additional Swarovski pearl at the clasp.

Bath & Body Works – Holiday scented candles, $27

No matter the weather, these candles can make your house smell like the wonders of the holiday!

Nordstrom – Chocolate swatches, $25

For all the chocolate addicts, this ten-piece of Belgian chocolate squares are as pleasing to the eye as to the taste buds.

The mini USB fridge, $25,99

Always want a cool drink? This mini fridge is perfect for you; it can fit any soda size can. To make it easy, no batteries required, all you need is to plug it in your USB port on your computer.

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