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You don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations this Christmas

The Pawprint

Sara Al Jandal

News Editor

Throughout time, people embrace the Christmas traditions by decorating their houses with string-lights, wreaths, mistletoe and Santa Claus figures.

Whilst living in Dubai, the celebrations of Christmas may not feel traditional compared to countries with white snow, pine trees, and fully decorated houses.

During the chaos of Christmas shopping, taking time to spice up a home with decorations without spending too much money brings the holidays to a new level. The Pawprint has put together a list of the best high-quality yet reasonably priced Christmas decorations to make this holiday special for all.

Keeping an eye out for stores such as ACE, and Ikea, selling Christmas decorations between 14-150 AED. Although, shopping online could be another route one could take. With the shopping festival around the corner and the recent White Friday, many stores are still promoting sales.


Branches: Sheikh Zayed Rd and Near Dubai Festival City

On the hunt for gardening supplies and hardware, to high-quality holiday decoration, ACE provides a variety of inexpensive and good quality products. Currently, many of their Christmas products have been on 25% sale. Their prices range from less than 10 AED for an ornament, and 30-100 AED for wreaths and figures of Santa Claus and more.


Branches: Al Rebat Road, Dubai Festival City

Looking for some neutral and classic looking Christmas decorations? Ikea provides all of the families traditional Christmas needs to spice up ones home, with free delivery! Currently, with the 30% off on selective festive offers, prices range from just 20-60 AED, varying from ornaments, miniature figures, holiday plants and plenty more.


This online store has an unlimited selection for anything one could want, at cheap prices! This is the perfect place to quickly shop for Christmas presents, decorations and more, just by the click of a button. Delivery happens within 3 days usually, making it the best and easiest place for last-minute holiday spirit! With the most creative decorations from seat covers to LED reindeer garland, all under 150 AED!

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