DAA Daily

Christmas around the world

By Sairra Misra

Staff reporter

The Pawprint

Christmas is celebrated every year by over 2 billion people. People have their traditions, from how they set up their Christmas tree to their Christmas dinner. It is the season celebrating love, peace, and happiness by people all over the world.

In Italy, one of the most significant traditions for the Christmas season is La Befana. La Befana is similar to Santa Claus. It’s an old lady, also known as the “good witch”, who goes around delivering presents. It’s a classic Italian tradition which all the kids love.

The giant lantern festival is the biggest festival celebrated in the Philippines. It is an annual tradition which is held in the city of San Fernando. There are lanterns lit for Christmas and even a competition for giant lanterns. San Fernando has been called “Christmas Capital of the Philippines” for its joyfulness and Christmas spirit.

Christmas markets are very popular in Germany. Families usually open all their gifts on Christmas Eve and on Christmas day, they go explore the Christmas markets. The Christmas markets are huge, followed by many restaurants for a nice lunch.

In Austria, a person dressed up as St. Nicholas rewards the ‘nice and good’ children while there is someone dressed up as a demon called the Krampus roaming the streets. The Krampus scares away kids who haven’t been good that year, teaching them a lesson for the next Christmas.

You won’t find a single broom on Christmas eve in Norway. It’s a Norwegian tradition: hiding your brooms so witches and evil spirits can’t fly away with them. It seems like a joke, but people have been doing this for centuries and the tradition has stuck.

Every country celebrates the same day in a different way. People coming together to do something big and follow a tradition that has been going on for centuries brings out their Christmas spirit for sure.

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