DAA Daily

Diagnosing Cancer in 10 Minutes

Early detection of the breast cancer can provide early treatment for the service member and or their beneficiaries. For those women diagnosed with localized (Stage 1) breast cancer there is a more than 98 percent probability that they will survive five or more years.

Australian researchers in the University of Queensland developed a 10-minute test that can detect cancer cells in the human body. The test works by looking for a unique DNA structure that cancer cells form when placed in water. “Using a high-resolution microscope, we saw that cancerous DNA fragments folded into three-dimensional structures in water,” said Professor Matt Trau of University of Queensland, “these were different to what we saw with normal tissue DNA in the water.” The test releases gold particles that bind to cancer cells and make them visible. The test has been applied to more than 200 tissue and blood samples and has been successful with 90% accuracy – it will now have to go through large clinical trials before being used on prospective patients.

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