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China Boycott Dolce and Gabbana

The backlash against a controversial Dolce and Gabbana campaign; which features a Chinese model struggling to eat pasta and pizza with chopsticks, grows as China begins to pull D&G products from e-commerce sites. The campaign was accused of mocking Chinese culture and promoting uncomplimentary stereotypes. This bold move risks alienating D&G products from one of the worlds biggest luxury markets.

The brand crises reached an all-time peak when offensive messages about Chinese people, allegedly written by co-founder Stefano Gabbana, went viral.

The firm reported their Instagram account had been hacked and apologized for any offense that had been caused.

In an attempt to salvage what is left of the firm’s reputation, co-founder Domenico Dolce joined Stefano Gabbana in a video appealing to the public for the misunderstanding to be forgiven. This form of apology is highly regarded in Chinese culture as a show of sincerity.

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