DAA Daily

Thanksgiving @ DAA 2018

Jessica Loomes and Sara Al Jandal
Managing editor and News Editor
The Pawprint

Thanksgiving at DAA is a memorable occasion where the whole school gets together to share a Thanksgiving feast in the gymnasium. The event has been essential in maintaining school spirit and celebrating the Culture of Kindness that the DAA community is so proud of.

Last year, the move from the old campus to the new campus brought many changes – yet the way we celebrate Thanksgiving remained the same. All students say that the Thanksgiving celebration was monumental in positively impacting the transition between schools, as the event really elevated school spirit between students and faculty staff.

The Thanksgiving lunch is definitely one not to be missed, as tables are covered in delicious foods including the iconic Thanksgiving turkey, mashed potatoes and many desserts.

The gymnasium is decorated in fairy lights and tables are set with beautiful tablecloths and decoration. The annual turkey carving this year was done by Mr. Starr, Mrs. Murphy and the high school presidents, (Eman Qaduimi and Nick Hensel for this year), to kick off the feast for all students and staff.

The afternoon comprises a few speeches and entertaining performance. This year’s acts featured various singing performances, including one from renowned singing sensation Polina Butorina, who left the crowd erupting in cheers, and Lorenzo Ribezzi, who left the crowd in tears.

At the event, students and teachers gathered together to thank our hardworking support staff of DAA, by giving out gift bags  with essentials for everyday use, such as metro, phone cards and toiletries.

This year’s celebration was yet another success. The gymnasium was filled with Hindi music, student and staff with laughter, as well as full bellies!

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