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Lion Air Crash Blamed on Lack of Training

Two weeks ago, one of the newest and most advanced Boeing planes took off and crashed in the Java Sea just 13 minutes after take off. The pilots on the Lion Air’s flight 610 were very experienced, with around 11,000 hours of flying between the both of them, and weather was not an issue during the time of the flight, either. Investigators are still looking into the cause of the catastrophe, and their focus has turned to Boeing.

The company allegedly failed to tell the pilots about a new safety feature in the system which was involved in the crash. Aviation analysts say this information could potentially have saved the lives of the 189 passengers on board.

The parents of one passenger have also filed a lawsuit against the company, claiming that it was their fault the plane went down, and that it had an unsafe design. The suit suggests that Boeing did not communicate a new safety aspect to the crew that did not exist in the older planes.

Nine aviation experts, including pilots, say that only a full investigation can piece together what truly happened in the cockpit that morning, and it was concluded that, in one or another, Boeing did not fulfill their duties and that the consequences have led to the shock of not only the victims’ families, but the aviation industry as a whole.

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