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Women’s Selfie Damages Artwork

A woman accidentally damaged two pieces of art while trying to take a selfie at the International Arts Center Main Avenue in Yekaterinburg, in Russia, 27 October 2018. According to the Russian Ministry of International Affairs (MIA), the woman who came to the exhibit as part of a tour knocked over a Francisco Goya painting from the Los Caprichos series and Salvador Dali’s version of it. The center employee told the local news agency that the frame and glass of Goya’s work was broken, and Dali’s was also damaged due to the shattered frame and protective glass. “Employees of the MIA identified three women who…explained that the stand was touched by accident at the time when they tried to make a photo against the background of the paintings,” said the representative of MIA Irina Volk, although also mentioned that “the Yekaterinburg refused to open a criminal case against the woman.”

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