DAA Daily

Bienvenue Professeur Tebti!

By Eleonora Zuares
Staff Reporter
The Pawprint

Each year, DAA welcomes several new teachers. One of them, Mr. Tebti, a teacher in the French department, accepted to sit down with the Pawprint and answer some questions about his life and his career.

Where were you before you came to DAA?
Before I came to DAA, I was working in Korea at KIS: Korea International School.

Why did you move to DAA?
I moved here for family reasons.

What are things you like about Dubai and DAA?
It’s too early for me to say because I’m very new to Dubai. So far, it’s been too hot. When I came in December, I saw that it is a very nice place for me to live so we’ll see how it goes.
What were your first impressions about DAA?
I was very confused when I first came to this school. Some things are good but some things are less good, and so I need time to decide.

What was your most memorable teaching moment, in this school?
My most memorable moments in DAA are when my students talk to me in French, even outside of class.  

Finally, what is something you miss from your home country?
My family.

After my chat with Mr. Tebti, we found that he is a passionate and dedicated teacher. We wish him all the best of luck for his first year in DAA!


1 Comment on Bienvenue Professeur Tebti!

  1. Ankit Nagpal // October 30, 2018 at 12:00 PM // Reply

    Very Nice one Eleonora! God Bless Keep doing the amazing work and effort.

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