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What is SpaceX’s BFR rocket?

By Erkan Nasirli

Science and Technology Editor

The Pawprint

If you have tuned in to the news lately you would have heard a lot about SpaceX’s new Big Falcon Rocket, and Elon Musk’s huge plans for it. Here are all the details of Musk’s newest invention.

Why will Musk’s plans for the BFR change the way we live our lives?

So far, SpaceX has three main goals for this hypothetical rocket in the near future: Mission to Mars, Flight around the Moon with Yusaku Maezawa and lastly Earth to Earth Transportation.

The two things that SpaceX is focusing most of their resources on are the Mars missions and the Moon flight. Keeping the earth to earth transportation for a later, undisclosed date.

The first rocket tests are scheduled to begin in 2019,  with a cargo Mars mission in 2022 and a crewed mission in 2024.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the first human to fly around the moon in the new BFR, sometime in 2023.

As a world-renowned art collector, Maezawa intends to take all kinds of different artists with him on the weeklong trip to turn it into an art project named, #dearMoon.

The billionaire declined to reveal how much he paid for the trip but we know it is a significant amount after Elon Musk’s comment that Maezawa’s payment is to “have a material effect on paying for cost and development of BFR.”

But what many are most interested in, is the earth to earth transportation.

SpaceX’s claims that the BFR will be able to travel anywhere in the world in under an hour has gained worldwide speculation and attention about the new proposed earth to earth transportation.

The best part?

The reason why the BFR deserves to be produced despite its large $5 billion price tag, its engineering, which is incredible, to say the least.

One word: Reusable.

The BFR will be completely reusable unlike the previous generations of spaceships. It is also a two-stage vehicle, composed of a booster and a ship.

The BFR has an approximately 15 ton larger payload capacity than NASA’s Saturn V, (the ship used for the moon landings), despite being completely reusable.

According to SpaceX, due to full reusability, the BFR will have a cheaper launch cost than their smallest and cheapest rocket, the Falcon 1.

Why should we pay for it?

SpaceX says because “The BFR can deliver satellites to the earth orbit and beyond, cargo and people to and from the ISS (International Space Station) and enabling the delivery of over 100 tons of useful mass to the surface of the Moon or Mars.”

The BFR is revolutionary. It is a breakthrough in space travel. However, is it worth the $5 billion dollar price tag? We don’t know.

If you want to look at SpaceX’s beautiful concept images and videos: BFR

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